A tea drop island ~
is where it all begins.

Explore an imaginary story in
each cup of tea.


TEARTH was founded in 2017 in Osaka, Japan. We are passionate and committed to craft and deliver nature's bounty in each cup of our tea. The Tearth women play a big role in envisioning 23 distinct, savory combinations. When you drink our tea, it is like getting tender loving care for your spirit and body! Please enjoy the bliss of Mother Nature in every cup of TEARTH.


Our Speciality

Delicately hand-picked teas in Sri Lanka are packed quickly, so the freshness is well-preserved. We exclusively pick 100% pure Ceylon tea for our robust combinations (except Darjeeling). Under our supervision, we collaborate with Sri Lanka' s most prominent tea companies, prioritizing the safety and the security of our final product. Our solid relationship was formed on a trust and shared vision of delivering the highest quality teas to our customers. Each of our 23 tea combinations encapsulates essences of teas, fruits, flowers, and herbs-- fragrant with aromas. We here at TEARTH offer you our best: may you savor the aromas and tranquility in every cup.


For Business

TEARTH tea bags are used at prominent hotels, restaurants, and cafes throughout Japan and have been well received from their customers as well as the staff. Our individually wrapped tea bags can be used at buffets, beverage bars, lounges, and guest rooms, and meet the diverse needs of demands from customers in various hospitality and food service industry.

Our Major Clients

Royal Co., Ltd.
Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group
Hotel Granvia Osaka / Kyoto
Tokyu Hotels
Prince Hotels and Resorts
J-FARM Co., Ltd.
Nippon Coffee Trading CO., LTD.
New Otani Co., Ltd.