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Delicately hand-picked teas in Sri Lanka are packed quickly, so the freshness is well-preserved. We exclusively pick 100% pure Ceylon tea for our robust combinations (except Darjeeling). Under our supervision, we collaborate with Sri Lanka' s most prominent tea companies, prioritizing the safety and the security of our final product. Our solid relationship was formed on a trust and shared vision of delivering the highest quality teas to our customers. Each of our 23 tea combinations encapsulates essences of teas, fruits, flowers, and herbs-- fragrant with aromas. We here at TEARTH offer you our best: may you savor the aromas and tranquility in every cup.

Black Tea


One of the three most renowned black teas in the world.
It has a strong amber brew and full smooth flavor.

English Breakfast

This black tea is very fragrant and has well-balanced astringency and body. Good for straight or with milk.


Darjeeling is often called "the Champagne of teas"
Drinking it straight is recommended.


It is a well-balanced spice black tea with ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Organic Tea

Organic Ceylon

100% Organic Ceylon Tea, made with great care, makes a bold, vibrant cup that is very invigorating!

Honey Tea

Sweet Honey Tea

100% pure ceylon tea with elegant sweetness of honey will pleasantly linger and please your palate.


Sweet Honey Chai

All you need to do is to add some milk to your cup then heavenly Chai Latte will be all yours!


Sweet Honey Lemon

100% Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka infused with mild honey and refreshing lemon flavor.


Sweet Honey Chocolate

100% Ceylon tea with aroma of chocolate and honey will melt in your mouth.


Sweet Dessert Tea

Sweet Mango Pineapple

Sweet tropical aroma of Mango and Pineapple is perfectly blended with pure Ceylon tea.


Sweet Peach Strawberry

The exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness is here for you to enjoy! It’s fruity, refreshing and luxurious!


Sweet Caramel Apple

As if you had a good bite of delicious apple pie, this tea is as good as a dessert you deserve!


Flavored Tea

Earl Grey

This popular black tea from Dimbula, Sri Lanka is famous for its rich and sweet Bergamot flavoring.

Irish Cream

100% Ceylon tea is infused with rich aroma of famous Irish Cream. Highly recommended with milk!

Yuzu Zest

100% pure ceylon tea meets Japanese Yuzu citrus flavor, creating a perfect harmony for you to enjoy!


This fragrant aroma comes from Jasmine blossoms blended in Green Tea. Please enjoy the soothing effect.


Decaf Flavored Tea

Decaf Earl Grey

Rich and lively flavor of Bergamot with less caffeine.
For anyone who would like to reduce caffeine intake.

Herb Tea



Sip a mouthful of refreshing and invigorating mint tea. Excellent for digestion.



Traditionally used for its therapeutic effect of relaxation.
This subtle, flowery tea calms the mind and body.

Rosehip Hibiscus


This refreshing sweet and sour herbal tea has a multitude of health benefit!



This tea is free from caffeine and calories.
Refreshing mild taste with a lot of beneficial factors!

Acai Berry


Acai Berry, Hibiscus, Orange Peel and other ingredients make up this refreshing and palatable tea!

Lemon Ginger

The aroma of Lemongrass is very calming and the effect of Ginger & Moringa is so invigorating!

Japanese Tea / Taiwanese Tea


This Tieguanyin is a type of Oolong Tea from Taiwan.
Please enjoy this nutty, toasty complex aroma!

Green Tea

This full bodied and refined green Tea is made from freshly harvested tea in Japan.

Roasted Green Tea

This roasted green tea is very mild with nutty & earthy flavors. and induces instant relaxation.

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